Our Coconut Story

Established in 1916, our company is committed to producing sustainable and ethical coconut products and authentic spices. We believe that empowering local farmers, supporting the environment and producing our products with the utmost care in our family owned factory is the key to giving others products of the highest quality.

With a heart for community and an eye for business, the grandfather of our company originally established our factory as primarily a producer of coconut products over 100 years ago. In the years that followed, R&G Organics flourished, as the pristine island of Sri Lanka gave a bounty of fresh and beautiful coconuts to be made into oil, milk and dried goods.

A Sri Lankan man himself, our founder took care to employ local farmers and empower them to make their own business in growing our precious coconuts. The local Sri Lankan farmers have passed down invaluable knowledge about the growth of the coconut palm for many generations. As time moved forward, the need for the company to move into organics became apparent. The factory was expanded, and it became one of the largest coconut oil exporters in Sri Lanka, as people began to recognise the brand for its ethics and quality flavours.

Today, we at R&G Organics are sharing our love for a wide range of organic coconut products and furthermore with the introduction of organic spices. More than ever, we are striving to work together with Sri Lankan communities by continuing to employ local farmers for their expertise in growing coconuts, aiding Sri Lankan widowers as a part of The Centre for Women and Development and continuing to care for the earth with our sustainable production methods.