With an incredible and honest flavour, our Ceylon Cinnamon is the ‘true’ cinnamon, harvested from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum Verumtree, which only grows in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the Seychelles. This spice holds the same wonderful flavours as the more commonly sold Cinnamomum Cassia, known to us simply as ‘cinnamon’, but has a more subtle sweetness without the bitterness often associated with the spice. Perfect for use in savoury dishes, baked goods or sprinkled over anything you please, R&G Organics’ Ceylon Cinnamon is the ultimate pantry necessity.


100% Organic Cinnamon

Nutritional Information Av. Per 100g

  • Energy (kj)731
  • Protein (g)1.0
  • Fat Total (g)17.0
  • Fat Saturated (g)15.0
  • Carbohydrate (g) 5.0
  • Sodium (mg)20.0

Serving Size (g) 50

Product Description

R&G Organics Ceylon Cinnamon contains a range or benefits. This classic and delicious spice is bountiful in antioxidants and it holds anti-inflammatory properties. Ceylon Cinnamon also has the ability to lower blood sugar levels through the successful transportation of blood sugar from the blood stream and into the body’s cells.

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka

Allergen Advice

Sugar, Nut and Dairy Free


  • Quils – 1Kg X 10 in a Carton
  • Powder - 1Kg X 10 in a Carton
  • Chips - 1Kg X 10 in a Carton

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